First Review

Last week AndTheAdventureContinued received its first review on WebFictionGuide courtesy of Whyknotzoidberg, the author of Hotfoot.

To be clear and honest, I started this serial to improve my writing and constructive criticism is always welcome. I am aware that there are currently severe deficits in my writing skills, particularly characterisation, and am grateful to anyone trying to help me by pointing them out. (Although at least some typos, grammatical errors and the like are down to a bad keyboard and WordPress spontaneously and inexplicably eating parts of posts.)

To this end: due to receiving a review on Web Fiction Guide I will be posting some bonus material containing background material on AndTheAdventureContinued, specifically on Magic.

If and when I receive more reviews on WebFictionGuide, votes on or similar, more Bonus content will be posted.

Thank you for reading and thanks in particular to Whyknotzoidberg for taking the time to write a review, I will try to take their criticism on-board.


P.S. Negative criticism and/or trolling will not count towards Bonus Content